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Default Re: Anyone seen Marciano fight live?

Originally Posted by john garfield
If your opinion about a fighter changed after seeing him fight live, what hadn't you noticed on TV?
I have never seen him live, but my guess would be that seeing him live, it would become clear to the observer that Marciano, even when he looks clumsy, is almost impossible to stop and really breaks his opponent down untill the opponent can't raise his hands anymore. Only Charles survived (the first time) and he did just barely. On film it may look like just another KO but i think if you were to witness it live it would become more obvious that he just pressures, pressures and pressures untill the other guy has no more. He is an animal.

I've recently rewatched his fights and aside from some technical things, the thing that became clear to me is how underrated his breaking-down factor is, and it's really easy to miss or underestimate because most people only see highlights/his goofyness, etc.
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