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Default Re: Anyone seen Marciano fight live?

Originally Posted by Jack Dempsey
On modern tv, not much, replays, multi angles allow you to get a much better idea on a fighter than say a 1940's piece of footage would.

For example, imagine seeing a prime Dempsey on todays technology
Excellent point, JD. But there's actually an important difference. Consider this: When you see a baseball pitcher fire a fastball, you've got no trouble tracking it (it's razor sharp) -- even sit home imagining you could hit it. The same goes for an Andy Rod**** serve.

You'd never even dream of it if you saw it live.

The next time you see a helicopter on TV, notice that you can see the blades turning. You can't live.

So, speed can't fully be appreciated on TV. The subtle intangibles can only be best appreciated live -- the closer the better.
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