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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

Still at it ESB. Monday was a little awkward as far as training goes. Since I was tight on time, I did my boxing workout first, and then headed to my school's gym for my other workout. Unknowingly I only had an hour's worth of time, so I decided to do my 3 miles, and half my ab workout.
Finished my 3 miles on Tuesday, and weighed in at 159 which was pretty crazy seeing as how I was stuck at 162 for 2 weeks. So obviously the next course of action was to eat the 25 hot wings I had in my fridge. You just can't waste food in my book ;D
Today did my usual full workout which is something like 5-6 hours. Weighed in at 161.5 which is lol funny. Whatever I feel great and my boxing stamina is awesome. I'm going 4 full rounds on the heavy bag, with both speed and power, and the 4 rounds on the speedbag at a REALLY fast pace. Shadowboxed 7 rounds GL HF.
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