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Default Re: Joel Casamayor vs Brian Mitchell

Originally Posted by anarci View Post
Although i think Mitchell is underrated and on the same level as Casamayor. HTH im gonna have to lean towards Casamayor just a little bit better at most things than Mitchell.

I was only joking with that anarci.

He did look a bit hittable against the only southpaw Ive seen but he just kept a steady stream of accurate punches coming to eventually wear the guy down.

Like Philly said Mitchell isnt particularly remarkable, but does a everything above average and blends it all very well.

Casa impresses a lot in spurts, and can have some highlight reel moments with that left hand of his...but I really truly think he will have his hands full against a solid technician with a good workrate and a decent beard like Mitchell.

Even a prime Casa, I dont know if he would be able to keep up a pace that will win him rounds convincingly because Mitchell wont sit back and study Joel, and wait to figure him out..he will get right to work and I see his style paying dividends down the track.

Really a good matchup...but Im actually leaning towards Mitchell.
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