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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
That's a bit of a misconception. A right hand was the shot which initially stunned Norton, and another right tore open Young's face, leading directly to the stoppage. Earlier than that, he dug it to the body pretty well.

Valle and ****ey worked very hard to further develop it, and he did execute a few good looking rights to Young's head, although that was about as good as his cross ever got. I think it was a slightly better right than Frazier's, and arguably better than the hook Marciano had prior to Louis. The potential was clearly there for him to develop his right into a consistently deadly weapon.

Where I thought he screwed up was in the failure to utilize his jab far more than he did. That was his power hand, and he had the height and reach necessary to make it highly effective. Holmes said it was a good punch, but I clearly remember him doubling up on it just once during their showdown.
In ****ey's novelty match with Goerge Foreman in 1990, one of the commentators who stood alongside Larry Holmes was very impressed with how sharp ****ey looked in the first round.. I remember him saying that Gerry's left looked as good as it always had, and that his right seemed to have even improved.

Even though Gerry got beaten early, I respected the way he approached the fight.. He hired Gil Clancy to train him and despite his age and abscence from the ring, looked more fit and focussed than he had in years.. He was in far better physical and mental shape than in the Spinks fight.. I truly feel that ****ey believed that he could win that fight, and his diligence showed.. Had his chin been sturdier, he might very well have beaten George that evening. Foreman was eating a lot of leather in that first round, and in the beginning of the second. Once ****ey got hurt though, he simply couldn't recover.
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