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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
In ****ey's novelty match with Gerge Foreman in 1990, one of the commentators who stood alongside Larry Holmes was very impressed with how sharp ****ey looked in the first round.. I remember him saying that Gerry's left looked as good as it always had, and that his right seemed to have even improved.

Even though Gerry got beaten early, I respected the way he approached the fight.. He hired Gil Clancy to train him and despite his age and absence from the ring, looked more fit and focused than he had in years.. He was in far better physical and mental shape than in the Spinks fight.. I truly feel that ****ey believed that he could win that fight, and his diligence showed.. Had his chin been sturdier, he might very well have beaten George that evening. Foreman was eating a lot of leather in that first round, and in the beginning of the second. Once ****ey got hurt though, he simply couldn't recover.
Gerry had very little physical strength for his size, so there was little question he was going to have to utilize mobility to have any kind of chance at survival, let alone winning. Tantalizing snippets like his atypical display of movement cause me to wonder what he might have done with that kind of training and greater activity against quality opposition immediately following Holmes.

That he couldn't take it on the temple guaranteed that there was a somewhat low ceiling to how high he could climb, but he should have gone considerably further than he did. (People sometimes forget how young he still was. Michael Spinks was his first match after turning 30, over five years after Holmes.)
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