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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
Gerry had very little physical strength for his size, so there was little question he was going to have to utilize mobility to have any kind of chance at survival, let alone winning. Tantalizing snippets like his atypical display of movement cause me to wonder what he might have done with that kind of training and greater activity against quality opposition immediately following Holmes.

That he couldn't take it on the temple guaranteed that there was a somewhat low ceiling to how high he could climb, but he should have gone considerably further than he did. (People sometimes forget how young he still was. Michael Spinks was his first match after turning 30, over five years after Holmes.)

I think too many people unfairly drop him in the category of a pure puncher, when in fact, he was actually a very good boxer as well... We just saw very few showings of these skills. I just wish the guy could have taken a better punch.. Can you imagine what he might have accomplished if he had Tex Cobb's durability?
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