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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post

The fact is that Ron was indeed the only opponent to drop George with his power alone. It's also a fact that Young was not floored by Gerry as he was by Shavers, nor was Jimmy staggered by ****ey as he was by Foreman. These are not subjective opinions.

Gerry does not enjoy the overwhelming opponent consensus on the supremacy of his power that Shavers carries. I do think the evidence Gerry's hook was harder than Morrison's is concrete, based on Foreman's reactions to getting hit by both.
Let me get this straight

You are using the Mummy that faced Foreman as a legitimate barometer of ****ey's power?

****ey hadn't fought for near on 3 years and was over the hill basically from the Holmes fight 8 years prior. He barely fought again and was poleaxed by Spinks 3 years before he faced Foreman without a single fight in between and after goodness knows what drug and alchohol abuse.

We could take many over the hill punchers and downgrade them via this criteria. Also, fighter A axing fighter B where fighter C fails has long been proven to be fallible. Boxing is full of anomolies.

Incidently i agree Shavers was the man. Probably the heaviest puncher ever, tho ****ey was sure no slouch.
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