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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1 View Post
Let me get this straight

You are using the Mummy that faced Foreman as a legitimate barometer of ****ey's power?

****ey hadn't fought for near on 3 years and was over the hill basically from the Holmes fight 8 years prior. He barely fought again and was poleaxed by Spinks 3 years before he faced Foreman without a single fight in between and after goodness knows what drug and alchohol abuse.

We could take many over the hill punchers and downgrade them via this criteria. Also, fighter A axing fighter B where fighter C fails has long been proven to be fallible. Boxing is full of anomolies.

Incidently i agree Shavers was the man. Probably the heaviest puncher ever, tho ****ey was sure no slouch.
yep, the old foreman was still a good fighter, he ended up knocking out ****ey, but anyway the point is that ****ey hit Foreman with a real good left hook and staggered him, but Morrison hit him with many many left hooks and Foreman didn't budge.
****ey has better power then morrison.
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