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Default Re: Peter Maher In The Modern HW Scene

To be honest Matt, I dont even know if film helps much at all in judging hitting strength. It is impossible, really to tell either way.

So far as i, personally, go i think that in any top 100 lists, the modern fighters are going to dominate, even down to todays era. I think today's era has bigger punchers and sto on the whole. I base this on the fact that modern training is almost primarily focussed on increasing strength and hitting power.

I have to be honest though, i dont see the advanatage of this. If you can hit hard enough to knock someone out for 10 seconds, why do you need to hit even harder and knock them out for 10 minutes? This is where i am not a big fan of modern training, even though it currently produces bigger and stronger fighters.

One thing i am certain of (even without film) is that if Peter Maher hits a big modern super heavy weight cleanly a few times, he will knock him out before long. In this regard, his power is world class without question and if some do in fact hit harder, it isnt by much at all.

This is why to me, speed, skill, chin and stamina is more important than power. Though i am probably in the minority on this nowadays.

And i should have also added, that despite all this power of modern heavys, it is quite rare for heavy's with greatly padded records even, to have such brutal KOs as the likes of Maher, Sullivan and Fitz had, on a regular basis. Maybe it is because of gloves, or maybe the old guys really did time and therefore hit harder than most modern guys. I am not sure why.
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