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Big picture you want to avoid anything refined, fried, white sugar, corn syrup, white flour, soda even diet, gatorade only in moderation meaning very little like its a dessert, salt, fast food, etc... Eat a good blend of lean meats (turkey, chicken, steak, fish tuna in a can or whatever you like, etc..), eggs are cool in moderation, a little peanut butter is ok, cottage cheese is nice, almonds, seeds, beans and rice, lentils.. That covers a lot of protein... Have a good 3-4 servings of these each day.. Carbs, avoid any white flour (white bread, white pasta, no white rice) Have oatmeal unflavored (with a bit of splenda if your a baby), granola, brown rice, wheat pasta in moderation, wheat bread, rye is best though, .. Fruit is good just not to much banana and other very sweet ones, unsweetened strawberries are good, g****fruit, cranberry or tomatoe are the only juices you should have for a while (100% juice only). Have about 3-4 of these per day, you need energy. Lots of vegetables how ever much you want basically.. Stay away from Ranch dressing, anything creamy basically.. Drionk a lot of water try for almost a gallon a day.. Figure you drink 16 ozs during training at least.. So have another 5-8 glasses throughout the day.. Lowfat milk is good in moderation. You need good fats, avocado, fish, almonds, etc.. Have a good amount of these as well.. We can talk details later bro.. This should get you started.. You will need to force yourself to do it until you get in the habit of eating right. Allow one cheat day a week if you have to. peace.
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