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Default Re: Audley Harrison "A Nation living in Fear"

Originally Posted by ollyc View Post
But it was farcical that he was presented with such an opportunity in the first place. That defeat to Rogan should've been it for Harrison. But somehow the fluky ****er lands an EBU shot after winning prizefighter.

Whilst there may be a level of perserverance, he has also benefited from a great deal of luck of late. Better & more deserving fighters have had fewer opportunities.

Not to mention the fact that the only reason he could possibly hope for a world title shot is because he happens to be British, just like the incumbent WBA champ. If Haye hadn't suceeded in defeating Valuev Audley would have to make at least a couple of more defences of his title, seeing as he not got a top 15 ranking with nay of the major sanctioning bodies.

And before you point out that Sosnowski didn't defend his belt before landing an unmerited title opportunity, I doubt Vitali will be in the same situation again, where he requires an opponent whilst he awaits for himself or his brother to agree terms with Haye. If Haye doesn't fight Audley, his dream is over.

Why should the defeat to Rogan of been it for Audley Harrison..? The fact of the matter is, Audley Harrison has never been beat up or out classed inside of the ring. All of his defeats have been to his own mental issues, and just simply underachiveing..........!

Why should he retire after a defeat..?

Can't a boxer loose a match anymore...?

So he's been caught by a lucky punch, which Michael Sprott threw with his ****ing eye's closed....

So what if he's been knocked out, he came back from it and avenge that defeat.

Anyone who questions Audley Harrison mentality, and says he's weak. Must be ****ing stupid, its one of the hardest things to do in boxing.

Avenge a devastating knock-out loss..!

You talk about better or more deserving fighters, are these the same fighters that come into the ring like fat ****ing ****s..?

Do you mean guys like Hasim Rahman..?

I don't know who the **** your talking about.

Boxing is a business, and Audley Harrison just so happens to be, a business man who can fight.

The fact of the matter is, Audley Harrison is still here. He had to win the prize fighter, and he did. No matter what fashion it was in, Audley Harrison did what he had to do....

He had to win against Michael Sprott, and did. Injured, but he never gave up mentally.

No one has diminished Audley Harrison's light, no one has beaten him up inside of the ring, he has never took beatings like Danny Williams.

Where people have called his retirement..

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