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Default Re: mundine needs new opponent again!

Originally Posted by Rodin View Post
Well mate, that doesn't so much reflect lack of appreciation as it does, "The penny has finally dropped"

Honestly, these drips & drops of irrelevent gym news you get that keeps your boat afloat,,,are they worth the embarrassment of constantly being touched up with news of a brave new world, that seems to always pan out to be brown fairy floss?

Sort of

Firstly this is a boxing forum.....people with bits of boxing news post it here

I would rather get bits of news from a boxing team and post it on a boxing forum....even if you think its "irrelevent"

I dont care about the bagging....why would I

But I guess its guys like irnbruman than would rather get off on bagging people on a boxing forum than contributing something even if its only a bit of gym news
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