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Default Re: mundine needs new opponent again!

But ash, don't you realise that the 'gym tidbits' you post on here are all complete bull****?

They're not even worth paying attention to, the only reason you're not on my ignore list is because you make me laugh in amazement that there could be someone as dumb as you alive without the aid of machinery.

Seriously mate, why do you think posting furfies and red herrings all day and everyday on here about Mundine is somehow an honourable pastime?

I prefer to wait for the real news from a reliable source (cedrich is one that springs to mind), which is why I give you **** for filling the place up with your stinky bull****.

Why don't you just **** off and leave the scoop reporting to those who are actually in the know? It was much better before you started trying to be the next Danny Weidler, you cumstain
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