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Default Re: mundine needs new opponent again!

He's got this misplaced sense of respect - he seems to think we should all have been in awe of Flash while he was here, despite the fact that Flash was unashamedly on the Mundine campaign trail, lying through his teeth and avoiding answering any real questions by claiming he wasn't being shown enough respect on here (for a bloke of over 100 pro bouts he's a bit thin-skinned if ESB hurt his feelings eh? ) - now he seems to feel he's entitled to some respect from us all because he has flooded the place with bull**** spam about Mundine.

Did you know when Flash spat the dummy and signed off here I was getting PMs from ash telling me I'd 'gone too far' in which he laid out the rules for banter and sledging (according to him), advising me that I had exceeded what he considered was reasonable?

****ing hell, I've been posting here years longer than that **** yet he thinks because he's being dripfed bull**** from Team Mundine he's some sort of forum authority figure?
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