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Default Re: mundines mouth enters storm in teacup

Im not sure if this is on topic, but i dont care. Has anyone gone to watch a predominantly Islander team take on an indigenous team? I dont think ive heard anything more racist in my life. They werent the most imaginative but the use of coconuts and spearchuckers were thrown around quite alot. I myself (coz i look anglo) have been called a convict by plenty of indigenous players.

If i tried to make some sort of complaint i would of been laughed at, some of these blokes need to harden the **** up, the hole idea of sledging is to get the opposition player off his game.

This leads me back to SOO last year when all the "black" players from queensland wanted a photo to themselves with the trophy and wouldnt allow any white players in it. I bet you if Lockyer chose to have a white only photo, at the end of the preso everyone would be up in arms.
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