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Default Re: mundines mouth enters storm in teacup

Originally Posted by sallywinder View Post
joey johns aparently said to timana tahu about greg ingliss..." i want you to smash that black ****..". to which tahu, (who is mauri, and and white as me) walked out of the NSW camp citing racism.

i, myself, have played 20 years of rugby league with and against aboriginal fellas. they dont mind being called black fellas, they call eachother black fellas, call us white fellas, etc, etc. ( i hope an aussie mod sees this thread as he will understand what im saying..)

often, either, on the field, or in the dressing sheds, black fellas, or white fellas will say, 'hit that black ****'. or 'hit that white ****'. it isnt racism. its just how country footballers interact with eachother in rugby league teams in australia.

black fellas call eachother 'black fellas', and often call white fellas 'white fellas' when explaining who someone is.

what joey johns has said wasnt unusual. what tahu has done is!!!!!

there is nothing wrong with being a black fella or a white fella. coulour isnt the point. its just a description of the player, or person.

so in rolls mundines big mouth. now he recons he never played for australia because of racism.........which mal meninga (a black fella) laughs at. mal was a selector in those days, and mundine just wsnt first in line for the position.

but mundine is using this unfortunate media blow up, to make his own profile rise, and promote his next sham fight.

how low can mundog stoop?

oh.........and i have aboriginal heritage, and jewish heritage.

timana could have said somerthing to joey, as they have played football together that goes back to 96.......timana could have kept it in camp. but he is a drama queen. do a google on what he said about rugby league before he defected to rugby!!!!

but the real villiain here is mundog. trying to sell tickets throught a racism row....
I read the link says nothing about Mindines next fight....your the drama queen sally

For the record I dont care if a bloke is red white or blue...they all can still be ****s
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