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Default Re: mundines mouth enters storm in teacup

What Johns said was not directed in a malicious manner and more so in banter as Tahu the big sook himself said it was.

He could have tapped Johns on the shoulder when it was said and told him to pull his head in or else. Even make Johns apologize.

What he has done though is turned something which was nothing into a circus and now the fools are out in force with the racist ****. Get a grip FFS.

In 250 plus first grade games for the Knights there was not one mention of such comments directed at any indigenous player from opposing teams or inside his own club. He played with many of them including the sook Tahu and never once did I see him when he blew up verbally attack 'em. He was very passionate too about winning and losing.

From the time Inglis started out at Melbourne, Johns has done nothing but praise the man at every opportunity he got.

Now that he has said one silly comment, that we are all guilty of doing at times he's the worst c@nt in the world. Grow up.

I have a couple of mates from aboriginal backgrounds that I get on the drink with on weekends and that sort of talk is the norm. It just depends at how it's directed that matters. If I get up to get a beer, I sometimes get comments like" Grab me one too gubba".... Or come on you "white **** hurry up"..... I normally reply, "wait you silly black c@nt and everyone laughs.....

If I direct it with conviction in the heat of the moment it's a different ball game. But I don't do because I know how it comes across.

Tahu is just looking for a pat on the back. Keep the race card alive.

Please....... it's something kids revert to FFS. Grow up Timana
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