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Default Re: dangerous weight loss. what effects on boxers?

Originally Posted by shmarck View Post
all i am saying is put up or shut up, thats all. i traveled to a lot of gym's around the u.s and have had the privelage of meeting some of the greatest trainers eg jack mosley, nasim richard's freddy roach and the garcia brother's and they all say the same thing money talk's. the australian boxing media knows jack****. if he wants to cause a ruckass go to the u.s and call these guy's out, fight over there and knock a couple of journy men out, not in r.s.l's over here fighting gary no one. the wildcard gym took the **** when we mentioned his name saying he looked like a fighter but would'nt make to the big time. not my word's freddie roaches brother's. not some pretender payed propaganda
I guess it depends what you call the big time....for Mundine a few regular titles and a load of cash could be the big time.

I have never said hes better than top 5 in any division...but would love him to have a crack some day soon at another big name.

I agree he needs to take on some US journy men and beat them....only time will tell if he will do that.
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