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Default Re: Alexander Dimitrenko

Originally Posted by sean
what dimetrenko desperatley needs is sparring against pressure fighters to teach him how to relax in the ring , what to do, jab, upercut, work inside and not be worried about fighters pressuring him.

even with his amatuer career and his pro fights he has not got a clue how to adapt to this tatic and must learn.

also the stuff he klearns about moving his head in training is to forced , i think because he is so tensed up all the time in the ring.

relaxation is the key, to easier body movement and sparring the key to pressure fighters.

i am still one of the few in the minority on esb who thinks he can become a contender , just not against the brewster type fighters of this world unless he learns.

frank bruno relaxed and got better as he got older and dimetrenko must do the same.
Man, he's only 24-25 years old.

You have to think that at 6'7" with a solid amatuer background, 25 pro fights under his belt, and youth (!) on his side, he's going somewhere.

Hell, judging by the way other super-heavies have matured, this guy could be 5 or more years off of his physical prime.
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