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Default Re: mundine needs new opponent again!

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Guess what ash - there were industry insiders posting here before you came along and I'm sure there will be industry insiders posting here long after you're gone.

Billy Hussein posted here a few times years ago, Mark De Mori used to post here regularly before he went over to the US to make a name for himself, we've had one of the Elomar brothers posting here, and even a bloke who claimed to be SMA (how genuine he was is up for question however).

Out of the above mentioned industry insiders, the first 2 were shown the greatest respect while the latter 2 were laughed off the forum. Why? Because they carried on like idiots and earned no respect from the other posters on here.

Now your mate Jeff Malcolm was a happy little vegemite posting on here while he was getting his ego massaged by you and everyone else here (including myself). However, it became quite noticeable that he would avoid certain questions - see Josey's previous post - and many of mine that posed perfectly valid and respectable questions to him that he flat out ignored, or started getting petulant and defensive about, to the point that he was extremely condescending towards me, telling me that my questions were stupid.

I repeatedly told him I respected him for what he had achieved in the industry, and even apologised to him after one of our initial 'altercations' (i.e. one of the first times he spat the dummy at me and started ignoring me for a while). He never accepted my apology and continued with the condescending attitude thereafter, so as far as I was concerned he was contributing nothing but Mundine propaganda to the forum, with you acting like his wingman, warning me off if you felt I had 'gone too far'.

Well mate, you can go and **** yourself if you think a dopey 2-bit wannabe brown-nosing **** like yourself can assume he is in any position to tell me what to do, or scold me for speaking my mind. You obviously like to live in LaLa-Land - that's your prerogative - but DO NOT try to force your pathetic bull**** on anyone else here under the pretence that you are an informed source or industry bigshot.

I have spoken my mind perfectly clearly on my feelings on this matter and in regards to you - you can continue to do your usual spin, deflect and bull**** to try to come to terms with it - I honestly don't give a ****. This is the last time I will waste anymore than 30 seconds composing a reply to you, as you are an extreme waste of bandwidth, space, oxygen and life.
Another massive rant by irnbruman....just tell me to **** takes less time
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