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Default Re: Anthony Mundine

Mandy is a wasted talent on a few levels.

Mainly because he isn't fighting a high enough calibre of fighter often enough.

And secondly because he speaks too much bull****, yet doesn't have the pizzazz of the fighters who are into smack talk. Mandy sounds like he has a mental disorder when speaking. It just doesn't come across right, and that makes the majority of the public dislike him.

The people around him all speak highly of him, however the jurys out in my opinion. Mainly because of the idiotic things he's said, and then attempted to take back. And also because of the way he disrespects the sport, and the fighters in as much as welching out on weight limits, mandatorys, trying to hand pick judges, etc.

A few think that because he's made plenty of money, that makes him successful, well that may be true to a point, however he could have been much more for himself, and in the eyes of the serious boxing fans.

I have my doubts that he'll fight someone worthy ever again.
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