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Default OK, It looks like I have to admit it first...

Yup, Im BORED talking about Joe Calzaghe!

& before everyone goes crazy telling me Im a hater, telling me Im jealous of Calzaghes success, telling me Im just an asshole in general, LISTEN.

hes got my respect here. I have given him props here.

BUT, every thread seems to be about Joes greatness now, about how Joe can beat this that or the other at whatever weight he wants to campaign at, & then theres threads about Joe being the best boxer in the world ever, the best british boxer ever, the best looking boxer ever, & the list goes on & on & on... Every thread I see on boxing forums its all Joe Joe Joe & how far can he go...

So, I have to admit it first, that Im bored with Calzaghe talk, & will be keeping away from it for a good month or two from here on in. all that can be said has been said, & its all getting repetitive.
So I have to take a stand, & explain myself for not talking about Joe Calzaghe until next year. Cos I dont want people to think Im not talking about Joe for any sinister reasons.

& I am sure some people here feel the same, that they have exhausted all conversation about Joe & want to move on for now. So I am the man to make the people who feel the same way as myself not feel guilty, im the man to take the flak. So if you are suffering from Calzaghe conversation exhaustion, just add your name to this thread & people will hopefully understand.

Exhausted with talk about Joe? Then add your name below!

This way, anyone who doesnt feel they want to constantly talk about Joe Calzaghe can just add their name here, & not feel guilty from now on

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