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Default perhaps mundine was right. selectors were racist.

firstly, i dont think mundine was ready to play for australia at the time he retired. he may have been ready later on, but i dont think he was ready, though he certainly had the ability. yes, i think there have been times when aboriginal RL players were overlooked in place of 'safe' white players for state of origin. i cant give examples, but i do think that is probably right.

i lived in NZ for a period. i sat next to a big mauri rep player once and watched a test; oz vs nz. he made a statement. "you want white forwards, and black backs". does that mean is HE RACIST?

for the record...sallywiner doesnt hold with this (the vomit below from andrew johns) in any way or form. and never in my playing days did i encounter that sort of ****.
THE racism scandal enveloping Andrew Johns has deepened with the disgraced NSW assistant coach accused of using several offensive racist slurs including "****", "Abbo", "******" and "monkey" at a boozy Blues bonding session last week.
my kids are 1/2 asian, ive aboriginal blood, and my godfather was tony lovelock, aka tony dallas. they have tony listed as from 'wickham', but he was from 'wingham' same place as my as my dad. they once did the ballroom dancing circuts on the nsw north coast, usually either of them winning. both were 'good looking blackfellas that looked pretty white. tony was dads best mate, and my godfather. tony boxed, dad wasnt interested. tony died of alcoholism. dad did also, but 30 years later....

what i said in my opening post was true. in years gone by, aussies, be they aboriginal or black called eachother 'fellas'.

perhaps australia has changed. i guess it has. i doubt i could call a polynesian a blackfella and have it understood. even though i mean no disrespect, and even though my wife is as dark as some them. which means, i feel i can marry a darker skinned person, have darker skinned people as my forebears, have olive skinned kids, and be happy they they have less chance of getting a melonoma that ive already had cut from i can do all that, but some here think im not capable of judging a man by the content of his charactor.........MLK (some of you know who he is).

on this forum ive defended muslims, jews, and even mundine. and im capable of beating any of you on which side you like to take on any of these peoples or politics.
i can defend the burka, or israel, the taleban, or the americans.....equally. i can do that because it takes thought. it takes insight, it takes THINKING. you must put yourself into someone elses shoes or motivation.

to labal me a racist, and need a bath with blood in it, is ignorance. i havent a bathtub, and my 9mm wouldnt allow you inside to find out. and thats if you werent taken out at 400m by my 220 swift.

and just as an interesting example......i was born in december. so when i went to school i was always competing against bigger, older kids. i always excelled, mostly coming second, but certainly a place. my boy, i believe is better than i was. at his school the other day he lined up for the cross country. i overheard a lady saying **** will win because he has the genetics. **** is 1/2 african, 1/2 TI. my boy is me and an indonesian mother. i couldnt help ,myselff.......i said. "we'll see'.

my boy won by a street over 3 laps of the oval, against a kid that beat him the year before. (my boy was reeling him in and got confused where the finish line was at the end....) the two boys are far and away the best athletes for their age amongst 40 boys. and they are best mates.

race is not always an indicator of actions, ability etc. may the best man win....but most importantly, may we respect eachother and be friends at the end of it.

i had 20 odd amatuer fights. i cant remember one, where i eneded up disliking the other guy. the fight usually ended up in a cuddle, and greater respect.

ive said enough.

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