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Default Re: OK, It looks like I have to admit it first...

Originally Posted by O Foquinha
Firstly, prime Griffin was no mug and doesn't deserve to be put in the realms of Thadzi, Tiberi etc......and most thought Toney won both.
as for the Nunn fight, you need to watch it again...yes Nunn was ahead on points 7 rounds in but Toney was knocking **** out of him for 2-3 rounds before the coupe de gras. Amazing the number of people who make out it was a KO from nowhere, it wasn't.

for a better picture see the fights against Mccallum (the first one in particular makes Calzaghe-Kessler look like a couple of kids in the playground in comparison), Prince Charles, Jirov.

anyway, this is about Calzaghe and I admit Toney would have **** all chance against him if underprepared, as he was so often. In-shape and it's another story.
Do you not think that Toneys ability to outspeed his opponents was vitally important to him winning.... Prince Charles, Jirov, Barkley and De Witt were all outspeeded and i'd say they were the most impressive performances of his career.

Griffin was a tasty operator and granted doesn't belong alongside Thadzi....

As far as comparing the two- overall Toney is a far more capable performer- he is for me a modern great and his skill is absolutely mind bending.... I love the way he makes it all look so easy and his defence is excellent but I'd give Calzaghe a chance against him. Toney would have to be on top of his game but if he was, your right he'd draw Calzaghe into a war and punish the mistakes he made- something Kessler wasn't able to do.
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