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Default Re: Timur Ibragimov vs Timo Hoffman on the 23rd of June in Germany

Originally Posted by sean
not fair.

hoffman has always sucked it up and he also trains hard as when he first came onto the scene he was a doughboy and he has obviously trained hard/dieted and been in shape since then.

also he does not quit .

he also improved a lot of his basic fundamentals and when outclassed , turns into survival mode and uses his great size to spoil and make a poor spectacle.

he has made the absolute most of what talent he has .
People are quite quick with jumping to one side of a fence calling the opposite side a bum or joke.
Timo is a limited big heavy weight who can hold his own against a lot of his fellow big boys.Styles make fights.Timur just had the wrong style for the huge and clumsy German.Hoffman would have looked much better against much better opponents than Timur-lets say Maskaev for example.No,it doesnt really mean that he would be able to beat Maskaev,but IMO he would look much better against these kind of opponents.Fast,capable,and mobile opponents are his worst nightmare.
Timo,too,had a very tough time with Sprott who gave him hell in their two encounters.
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