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Default Re: The official K1 thread

Originally Posted by Grievesy View Post
Really entertaining fight! Apparently a big upset as well. Otsuki was one of the tournament favourites at the beginnning along with Ishikawa and Yamamoto (who also lost incidentally). I'm quite liking their 63kg tounrnament. It was a decent card with some exciting fights and great KOs.

Who do you think will win it?

I'll be the first to admit that I know relatively little about these guys, and it's the first time I've seen most of them. But personally, I'm backing Tetsuya Yamato. He's a powerful striker and in the last round beat one of the tournament favourites in Yamamoto,which was a good fight itself with a great extension round. I'm looking forward to the Final at the next MAX event.
Yeah, Yamato-Yamamoto was great, and what a surprising turn of events. Tetsuya really hulked up for that extension round. He's got a nice fluid Muay Thai style, it's good viewing.

Personally, the quarterfinal match that has me most brimming with anticipation is Yoshimichi "the Thriller" Matsumoto from the above posted war with Otsuki, taking on Daisuke Uematsu, who seemingly came back from ***** St. to KTFO the "Japanese Killer" Jae Hee Cheon. That one should be pure TNT all the way.

This is the seeding:

Not a stinker in the lineup. My only wish is that Kizaemon Saiga's punk ass gets put to a brutal end...if Ishikawa doesn't do it, the winner of Yuki and Yamato should.

My guess is Ishikawa-Yamato and Kubo-Uematsu in the semi-finals, and then Ishikawa over Uematsu in a classic for the tournament crown.

This same card will also feature the opening 16-man round of the traditional 70kg tournament...good names are penned in: Yuya Yamamoto, Andre Dida, Albert Kraus...I can't wait.
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