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Default Re: General strategic advice guide

Congratz,its been a long time since i saw such a great thread in here.

there nothing to add, everything is explained properly.But heres a hint:

There are basically four type of fighters:

1. the puncher or the KO boxer
2. the pressure fighter
3. the maneuver boxer
4. the allrounder/universal boxer

All those type of boxers can be found on the good examples above. The next step is,how to box/fight them:

1. it takes some guts to fight such a guy. Since we know what a type of fighter he is, we have to "provoke" and evaluate whats coming: punchers arent usually technically versatile,the rely on their favourite punch or combo; say right cross,left upper.
once we know whats coming,we use feints to make him throw his bombs and let him (hopefully) miss . Then its time to give the appropriate answer.

2. those type of boxers arent usually the quickest. The key here is to cover him with fast and explosive 1-2, 1-2-3 combos and lateral movements.

3. this is where No 2 come into place. That type of boxer usually moves back and forth with punching/counterpunching. The key here is to keep him busy; put pressure on him and never stop. Having a good cover is needless to add,but many still do forget that. This requires a lot of stamina and is probably the toughest fighting style.

4. That type of boxer can pretty much do everything. Fortunately, they are very rare But here comes No 1 into place: since he is technically superior,it makes no sense to keep up. The key to brawl and rely on KO power.

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