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Default Re: Hungarian boxing

Originally Posted by Darien
We've been through all of these at least a million times, but if you insist:
1. Erdei has a contract with Kohl. It says that he fights whoever his promter wants him to fight. He's fought bums (Murdoch, Santiago, Blades), tough fighters (Lakatus, Sahnoune), upcoming prospects (Garay) and top fighters (Ulrich, Gonzalez). What's more important, he keeps beating them.

2. He has already fought in the States twice, but I don't really understand why fighting only in Europe would be such a great problem. As Odo said, he fights where people are interested in him - where his promoter can get money out of his fights. If he gets a good offer from the States he will fight there, as he stated many times.

As a Pole you should have heard about some of his former opponents, like Gonzalez (the guy who beat Michalczewski, and was top 3 rated LHW at the time) and Ulrich with whom Adamek fought a competitive fight while Erdei simply schooled him. WBO a joke? Just as much as any other ABC organization.

Good post,darien!

Besides I would have bet quite an amount of money on Lakatus if he had fought -in his prime of course -Clinton Woods,or Glen Johnson a few years ago.
Lakatus was one of the most underrated lightheavies out there.A really tough banger who could make the water very hot to any present lightheavy.
Lakatus,Garay,Gonzalez,Sahnoune,or Ullrich are good skalps.
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