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Default Re: Whats wrong with boxing? PPV for Tua v Barrett is #1

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
A lot of people misunderstand these low level PPV's... take for instance

Fernando Vargas vs Ricardo Mayorga

Nobody thought that it should have been on ppv, and they didnt put it on there because it was some 'special' fight....

They did it because HBO and Showtime passed on the fight, and couldnt get a TV spot for it that they felt it ******ted, (meaning, they werent gonna put it on Friday Night Fights or something to that effect) and Vargas is a headliner so it wasnt going to be an undercard fight.... hence they were in a bind.

So, they put it on PPV,

Thats how and why most of these type fights are ppv's, not because its a huge attraction, but its because it couldnt attain a TV spot be it HBO or Showtime and so the next best thing for these type fights from their standpoint is to put it on PPV.

Has nothing to do with it being a 'PPV worthy' type fight or not most of the time.

And like I said, most of the time those putting it on know better than to fleece the fans, and keep the pricepoint nice and low (at least compared to the major PPV powers like HBO, and the UFC).
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