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Default Re: Ever hit your trainer?

Originally Posted by dfh85 View Post
Any of you guys hit your trainer square on in the face or body by accident?

Ie - he tells you to throw jab, hook and you throw jab, hook, right hand (BANG in his face)?

Kinda weird topic I know but i'm strange like that. I always think about it. Also when I'm shadow boxing I always see how close I can get to his face with my punches, haha.. he gets mad.
I assume you're talking about on the pads. From the perspective of a casual traniner I find that you do come across guys every now and then who throw punches that you haven't asked for. The guys that do this are generally people whose heads go off into strange places when they train and lack focus, awareness, and concentration. IMO you should be in control of your body enough not to throw random punches. In my experience it's really difficult and a bit disconcerting training people who do this because you're never sure where the next one is coming from. My guess would be that 9 out of 10 trainers would find what you do really annoying.
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