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Default Re: best boxing books and why

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Sonny Liston: Night Train would be my personal choice for the number one spot. The author takes an angle and runs with it but his window into that world is anything but narrow. You're taken into the different worlds of ownership that Sonny was exposed to - and what he exposed his fellow human to in return (or not). It less than stellar where the fights are concerned, but it's a really decent stab at unlocking Liston.

I was disappointed with “night train”. I read it along time ago when it first came out and whilst the subject is interesting and the photos are good I have another liston book that is better. The main issue I had with it was that the author unchallenged a statement within it from somebody associated with the ibc saying that the marciano - moore fight was fixed so that marciano could retire unbeaten! I found this to be totally irresponsible and misleading for younger fans who could have accepted this as a fact. From that point on I couldn’t help suspecting the rest of information within listons story was not tainted by the authors opinion that the mob always decided who won title fights. I got the impresion the author was too obsessed on Liston being so thoroughly exploited and that he was prevented from fulfilling his potential as a long serving golden boy champion. I wanted the story first and to be able to decide for this myself. It rubbed me up the wrong way. It was well written but I am certain the author was not such a fan of profesional boxing as a sport.
The other liston book (sonny Liston his life strife and the phantom punch by rob steen) I have is not great but is worth it for the interview with valdes and marty marshal. Again this book runs away with the idea that without the influence of mobsters Liston may never ever have lost when in truth there would have been no opertunitys for him without the mob. The guy who wrote that book was a good sports writer but wrote books about too many other sports to be as much of an authority as I like authors of good boxing books to be.
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