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Default Re: List of pubs with C**** +

Is this Kosha though? I'm seriously thinking of travelling down from Yorkshire to take the missus for a "romantic weekend in London" and wangling in a visit to this place to watch the fight. That's how much I wanna see it. ****! I been looking forward to this fight since it was first announced back in about May. Sky and Setanta are f*cking sh*t for not showing this! I have two subscriptions for each channel (home and the girlfriends house) so that I never miss anything and then they go and do this. I mean... Sky go to the trouble of building up Haye and then drop him when he gets his shot? Doesn't make sense. I f*cking tell you now, all them subscriptions are getting cancelled and I'll just have the perfect excuse to go down the pub to watch my beloved Liverpool and whichever boxing these no mark mofos deem worthy of coverage. Can you tell I'm angry? Rant over.
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