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Default Re: Chuck Wepner

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
My apologies, i think i misunderstood you. I thought you asked me to provide mediocre fighters from the 30's who would've done better in the 70's.

I don't deny that some of the better fighters of the 30's have lost to mediocre fighters. That is why i said "i don't discount the possiblity that Wepner gets a lucky win and breaches the top10 briefly". You could say that given the fact that many boxers from the 30's couldn't train as much as they should, gives Wepner a better chance. I read that before the Ali fight he didn't train that much either. However, it's not like he was THAT much better against Ali.

All i'm saying is that given Wepner's record, i don't find it very likely that he beats a contender, but i'm not saying it's impossible.

I'm not repeating what Janitor said, i've read about this myself more than once and have heard it confirmed by just about anyone talking about this bout.

And given Wepner, the big underdog, beating a top contender being a great dramatic story, i find it hard that everyone would score against him. Usually, when a "lesser" fighter puts up a lot more resistance than he is expected to, his succes is exxagarated. I.e. there are many people claiming Jones beat Ali and Mercer beat Lewis while they didn't.
But even from his position, Wepner didn't make that scenario. So i don't doubt the reads on this verdict that i've seen many times.
Fair enough,

and I'm sorry if I seemed a bit snippy myself.
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