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Default Re: margarito and cotto in "the man's" way

Originally Posted by ashley View Post
Tend to agree however....

1. Will Cotto want to go down that road with MARG again....he did take a huge whooping
2. Some talk MARG may fight for the WBC title but not sure
3. Both these guys would see Mundine as an easy win
4. Mundine brings some big cash to the table for a perceived easy and safe fight

Just my thoughts

Ash, please elaborate on how Mundine brings big cash to the table? Realistically the only chance he would have of Cotto or MARG agreeing to punch the living **** out of him would be if he were to offer up well over $2m. I believe Cotto was paid $2m for the Foreman fight and over $5m for Pac. Throw into the mix is that HBO would reject the fight outright because Mundine is a no name in the States known only to hardcore boxing enthusiasts who perceive him as a Malignaggiesque, featherfisted, ducking ***** who will only take on Argentine chumps with a minimum of 10 losses on their record.
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