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Default Re: Ryan im gonna push you back ! Ok?

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Good to hear that the "Grass roots" cards are doing well Rodin and a TV company is doing right by the fans ,but there do seem to be a market for the bull**** cards as well or Mundine's gallop would have been stopped as soon as it began . Mundine is a quality athlete who has done well out of the sport money wise (good for him ) but on the world boxing stage he is considered a bit of a joke from what iv'e been hearing .

Oh, there's no question about dummy money.
Mundines shows target them.
They bring in local celebs, & the everyday sports nuts turn up to see them. Get photo's, rub shoulders & casually drop the "I went to the big fight last night. saw so & so. Choc won easily etc.."
At his first fight, you name them. if they were in Oz they were at the fight.
Crowe, Kidman, Half the Sydney A graders etc. & make no bones about it Josey, Choc has an exciting style, & he is great to watch, so for the part time fan, looks mean a everything.
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