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Default Re: Mcintyre beats anderson

Originally Posted by The Lads
That wasnt the Pryce we have now though was it, it was the Pryce who was out on the lash all the time and getting in trouble, not training properly etc... Not saying Ajose wouldnt beat him now, not saying he would, but it wasnt the current Bradley.
IMO Ajose's most impressive win was over Ali, who although came in at 3 or 4 days notice, is still a top fighter.

Ajose doesnt KO Gary Reid and doesnt have a high KO percentage yet he'll KO Jamie Moore - interesting.

All everyones opinions are based on sems to be his potential, no? Wish Frank Maloney could get him matched with Colin Lynes or someone with some credence at light Welter - be easier to gauge what he can do wouldnt it.
Frank has tried many times. In fact Lynes had even signed contracts at least twice before pulling out at the last minute. Everyone including Lynes knows what would happen.

Ajose hurt Reid badly even Reid admitted afterwards that Ajose was world class and by far the best fighter he had ever faced. I will let you into a little secret Ajose was injured going into the fight though from his performance you could not tell. We were not going to pull out under any circumstances as he had been the commonwealth title mandatory challenger for over 2 years.

As for Pryce easy to say he is different now. I have not heard him ask for a rematch. Frank ****** easy not going to make the same mistake again.

As much as I would like Ajose to fight Lynes the realist in me knows it will never happen as Lynes is absolutely petrified and yet has the audacity to call himself a champion.

Quite frankly Ali Nuumbembee is a much better fighter than Pryce, Moore and Lynes. The thing I will never forget is that Nuumbembee and Ajose faced each other when nobody else would face either fighter so they had to face each other. Even Bob Shannon Nuumbembee trainner admitted that Ali would have lost to Ajose in any circumstances because Ajose was that good.

Ajose was lso a top class amateur who represented Nigeria in the Sydney Olympics and won the All African games Gold Medal amongst many international titles. It is a known fact that he has been the most avoided fighter in Britain.
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