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Default Re: A Nice Video for the Mundine Fans out there!

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
you spew a 50/50 mix of **** and chocs cum...**** off idiot

Ok **** knuckle...

Lets start here...

How much of this is true ....

My 2 cents....

1. Great fight from both was that good
2. Both guys gave everything
3. Alex had no real sparring Travis had short notice
4. Congratz to the powers that be to cough up the cash to get Travis out here
5. Watching it live I thought it was a bad stoppage
6. Noel Thornberry has a world rated HW
7. Alex failed to complete the game plan and sat in range far to long
8. Travis failed to complete the game plan of boxing at a distance
9. Trainer was spitting chips at the stoppage and Travis was complaining about punching behind the head
10. Alex said Travis hits harder than any fighter he knows
11. Watching the replay Travis thought he had time on the ropes to rest
12. Travis thought after dominating round 3 and 4 he had time
13. Travis blamed himself for sitting on the ropes backing his chin and resting.
14. Alex is one tough fighter to come back from what he took
15. We need to get behind Alex because hes a chance with good sparring and preperation to shake some title holders.
16. See point number 1
17. After watching the footage Travis thinks it was an ok stoppage
18. Alex deserves 100% credit for the win
19. Ippy is a good corner man and matchmaker
20. I had a great time fight week
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