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Originally Posted by mr. magoo
Well, you brought it up, therefore be my guest.
Lets say that I turned up at every major gym 1930s.

I said to the fighters there-

"I can take you to another era and you can see if you have better luck there"

"What is this era like?"

They ask.

My reply is-

"There are three truly exceptional heavyweights in this era. It would not be a stretch to compare tem to Jack Dempsey or that young Detroit slugger named Barrows that everybody is getting excited about. There are also a number of good contenders.

On the plus side you will receive enough money from the date of your debut that you will not need your 60 hour shift on the docks to suplement your income. Yes even you blacks.

You will be carefully guided from your profesional dubut and only matched against opponents that it is well within your ability to beat untill you are ready to challenge for the title. Indeed you will be able to break the top ten rankings and perhaps even challenge for the title without ever needing to meet a ranked oponent

Oh and there are virtualy no genuinely brilliant defensive fighters so dont worry if you strugle with that particular style".

Most of them would bite my hand off. Indeed if you do not see how some of them would do better in the 70s you lack imagination.
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