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Originally Posted by skipdog
Rye is never going to have white flour or corn syrup in it.. G****fruit, tomatoe, cranberry.. All less sweet, not such a spiky amount of sugar..
Yeah, let me tell you how irritated I was when I found out that the Jewel-brand whole wheat bread that I was buying had High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. It's hard to avoid that ****, it's in everything! But now I buy a whole wheat bread from Trader Joe's (GREAT store if you're looking for foods that aren't refined).

I've never been quite convinced on the "this fruit is better for you because there is less sugar in it" argument. I mean, the sugar in fruits is a different chemical complex than refined sugar, it takes more time for the body to break it down. So I've always figured that any fruit isn't going to give you a sugar spike like, say, juice sweetened with corn syrup will.

Nonetheless, I ought to be switching up my juices a bit more as there is definitely benefits to getting a wide variety of fruits and veggies in the diet.
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