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Default Re: Mcintyre beats anderson

Originally Posted by Top Dog
Got to disagree here. I think Ajose would be too versatile for Moore. Actually I think he'd KO him, hand him his **** on a plate. I dont think we've seen the best of Ajose, lookin forward to it. Remember Ajose destroyed Pryce easily for **** sake
I'm going to start this by saying I respect you Olu and of course respect Ajose who is a talented performer and has achieved in his career something a boxer of my talent can only dream of.... However strictly as a follower of the sport lets me lay down a few home truths. Ajose didn't beat the dedicated pryce of today he beat a guy who had gone 3-4 in his last 7 bouts his wins coming in an upset against Ivan Kirpa, craig lynch a novice and Keith Jones a journeyman. Before this rut Pryce had been a fantastic lightweight/ lightwelter prospect but following his loss to Bami its clear to see he went off the rails. If most of his losses are excusable and against talented operators a clearer illustration of just how beatable Pryce was at this time is the fact he was outpointed by Furaii Musiwa just 6 months before the Olusegun fight. Musiwa??? World Beater- I think not. Back to Ajose, the short notice Ali Nummbembe victory is impressive, but as impressive as that result is the fact that Ajose failed to make any real impact against a well prepared Gary Reid is equally unimpressive.

Can anyone honestly say that that performance was on a par with Moores against Micheal Jones, Dave Walker, Mathew Macklin? If you can then I must be involved in the wrong sport.

Ajose, talented as he appears and as you keep telling us Olu has yet to perform at anywhere near the level it would take to beat LIGHT MIDDLEWEIGHT Moore.

I've watched both Moore and Nummbembe from ringside and to suggest Ali is better then him is plain silly. Ali is a smooth operator - yes, but completely unproven and no more skilful then Jamie.

On saturdays form Anderson will get absolutely mullered by Moore- Give Jamie a bit of respect he deserves it.
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