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Default Re: Mcintyre beats anderson

I don't disrespect Jamie Moore. I respect all fighters including your good self both as a fighter and a fan and even more importantly as a man.

I don't believe in making excuses for losses. Pryce lost simply because he was not up to the job against the people that beat him same with Jamie Moore. Michael Jones, Dave Walker and Matthew Macklin might mean something by domestic standards but they don't at genuine international level and world class. Those of us in the know from Africa knew that the matchmakers had made mistakes when they chose Ajose against Pryce, Duran against Moore and Okine against Barnes. A lot of times the matchmakers think they are bringing in an opponent sometimes not realising that they are making a mistake. If they had an inkling of Ajose's talent and his amateur pedigree they would never have made the match.

As for Jamie Moore we have to agree to strongly disagree. In fact Ajose deals with better fighters and fighters that have knocked out Moore in sparring.

Ajose win over Reid was far better as it was a boxing masterclass. Moore great lad that he is does not possess the same gifts.

As for Reid he is usually brought in as a last minute substitute. Against he was given the opportunity to prepare properly and by his own admission was in the best shape of his life yet Ajose beat him easily winning every second of every round and hurting him badly. Yes Reid went the distance despite the pain a 50% Ajose put on him. The truth of the matter is Ajose has knocked out better fighters than Jamie Moore and Reid. If pushed I suspect Moore and Pryce would fight a life and death struggle. In fact Pryce might even win.
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