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Default Re: Was Barrera prime when he first fought Pacquiao?

Barrera was considered past it even before his first fight with Morales. After he kind of re-invented his style to last a little longer and was going on a good streak, but he definitely wasn't the young strong bull he started out as. He had about 60 fights by the time he got to Pacquiao the first time. I think he was a little past it and under-trained for the fight, I don't think he took Pacquiao seriously. You can tell by the second fight, Barrera was definitely past it and hardly won a round, but he hardly took as much punishment he did the first time around.

Overall if you are trying to rate the win or consider who is the best, I would suggest it as a great bout for Pacquiao, because he was the inexperienced young fighter who took it to the champ. I think the inexpereince of Pac was more to overcome than the slight decline of Barrera. I would also say Pacquiao has definitely showed his grit and overcome Barrera in skill and greatness. Now if he would just stop being a wuse take the blood tests and stop letting his team pick sorry ass cherries for him to pick on.
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