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Default Re: Can mundine compete?

Originally Posted by Rodin View Post
Whenever I have a discussion about this game, I am mindful of certain assertions of successful trainers & mentors.
"A good big man will always beat a good small man" comes to mind.
It's not iron clad, but not many will argue that it is true in an overwhelming number of cases. That's the problem with fighters that move up in weight for comfort not necessity. Jerez is a case of the former, & Choc has come down through necessity. Neither will improve as a fighter.

As for Choc's power. & I'm talking Sup middy, not during his decent in the weight divisions.
Class fighters are always harder to KO, & thus the record of KO's dwindle as they move into the tougher ranks.
I am not saying that Choc is a KO merchant, but the snap in his delivery & the accuracy of his timing compounds the damage that he can inflict.

As for him being a "Pure boxer" we'll have to agree to disagree. I wouldn't argue that Paulie Malinaggi is a "pure boxer" but Choc has a lot more than Pitter patter.
I respect your opinion buddy BUT dont give me **** for posting a thread out of interest about chocs performance, as it was a relevent thread .
The point of the thread was to get an unbiased view on chocs performance at his FIRST fight at 154 for those who didnt want to watch it,which includes myself.

Malinaggi is at the lowest end of the spectrum for punch power as a boxer,so i wouldnt be using him as a yardstick.

At first you gave me **** for my thread which showed me your emotional standpoint on the mundine circus,but i respect your last couple of posts which show you can use logic in discussions when you need to.
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