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Post Arturo Gatti vs. Barrera, Morales and Marquez @ 130?

Arturo Gatti against the 3 amigos?

Who do you think will win at Super Featherweight, 130 lbs.

All in their primes (or maybe slightly past prime for Barrera and Morales).
Let's say

>> The Gatti who fought Ruelas and Rodriguez.
>> vs.
>> The Barrera who fought Morales the 3rd time.
>> The Morales who fought Pacquiao the 1st time.
>> And the Marquez who fought Pacquiao the 2nd time.

And how do you think it will play out?
Gatti is so much bigger against the 3 mexicans,
and that could only be his biggest hope,
combined with his heart and courage.
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