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Default Re: Arturo Gatti vs. Barrera, Morales and Marquez @ 130?

Originally Posted by mughalmirza786 View Post
Interesting thing about gatti i noticed. The guy seemed to have alot of skills and tools in the early part of his career. Was it just his tendency to brawl which turned him into a blood and guts warrior or was he always like that?
Alot of it was a lack of discipline. It's pretty well known that Gatti partied more than he trained back in the day, so he would just go into the ring the day of the fight and use his stregth and power to try for the KO. Your skills don't need to be that sharp when you have a great chin and one punch KO power.

The combination of his partying, stuggling to make weight, and the wars he fought all resulted in a deterioration of his overall skills.
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