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Default Re: List of pubs with C**** +

Originally Posted by riot187
And I ain't a newbie either. Dunky should remember me. We had a few verbal spars a while back, I just f*cked up my log-in info! How ya doing Dunky? Nuff respect. Good luck to ya boy Scotty on the comeback trail. Perhaps he could meet a come-backing Mikey Brodie (I hear he's coming back, too). Unfinished business there and my money would be on Mikey this time (although it rather misguidedly was last time, too!)
Aye, I remember you riot, & yer Columbo avatar Welcome back. Thanks for the kind words bout Scotty, but if the truth be told I dont think hes coming back. It was nice seeing him make the news one last time & I milked it for all it was worth here, just to give me the feeling of wht it used to be like when I was in my prime here, talking about Scotty seven days a week In all seriousness though, I think Scotty pulled a media stunt just to show he wasnt two years away from death, as the NOTW reported the day before.

Scotty was just sticking two fingers up at the newspapers IMO, but I live in hope that he really will kick the booze for good & come back stronger. After all, he was my favourite fighter. But Im also a realist, & its not the first time Scotty has announced he will be back & then its all went tits up.

At the end of the day, you cant trust an alchoholic. They may be full of good intentions, but the drink rules them, not the other way around. & I should know. Cos I cant beat the booze myself. Its an ongoing struggle though, I havent thrown in the towel just yet.
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