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Default Klitschko vs Haye (yes, another one)

Haye isn't as stupid as people think - some people genuinely believe that he will wait until they're too old and say he tried to fight them. He knows this won't wash - it simply will not be accepted.

Haye can't have any real legacy without the brothers. We all know this - he needs them and they don't need him. This puts him in a disadvantaged position - especially as he's said many times that he only wants around three more fights. If you think Haye has no intention of fighting the K's, then either you believe he's scared or he's not interested in a boxing legacy. None of those seems very likely in my opinion.

We also know both Klitschko's are ****ed off at Haye - they don't like how he tried to talk his way into a title shot and how he tried to humiliate them with t-shirts and public ambushes. They don't think he deserves a shot against them and seem to save their respect for people who are humble, get in line and earn their shot by working their way up the rankings.

For these reasons I think it's possible that they could be trying to get back at him in a very sly way; first, tell him not to mention details of any talks in public or they will never fight him (if they did that, what can Haye do about it?) Then call him out publically, tell people they're offering 50/50 and then actually offer something else. I'm not saying that's what happened, but they're not bad tactics if you're in a superior position and want to **** over someone you hate.

Regarding CHEF, I have no doubts that he is who he says he is. But if what I suggested above is true, then Wladamir would not mention details to him, as he knows he posts here.

Again, I'm not saying it is true, but does it sound that unrealistic?
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