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Default Re: Klitschko vs Haye (yes, another one)

Originally Posted by rushman View Post
Legacy is great, but Haye has a problem with this.

He knows he cannot establish his legacy because he is not the best. If he tries to establish his legacy by fighting Wlad he will get the living **** stomped out of him. Wlad is the top dog of this era, with his brother Vitali also preventing Haye from a share of the limelight.

So it is no longer a question for Haye of "Do you want money or legacy?" because legacy is not an option. He knows this (which is the only explanation for his refusal to fight).

I guess the question for Haye is now "Do you want money or credibility? Can you live with disappointing all of your fans and being a hypocrit?"
Again, it seems like he has made this decision a long time ago.
I 'm almost certain that Haye thinks he's the best. I believe most boxers do.

If he made that decision a long time ago, then he was setting himself up for definite humiliation - I don't think someone like Haye would've made those t-shirts knowing full-well he had no intention of stepping in the ring against them.
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