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Default Re: Haye vs Audley would be a great matchup

Originally Posted by Bigcat
I would like to see the result of 220 pounds of muscle being reduced to 190 pounds of muscle without any strength loss or fatigue... Haye had crossed a huge no-no area by moving up and then back down over such a solid weight boundary.. If and when Haye gets back to Heavyweight, can he be substancially strong enough to take on a naturally larger man like Audley. Audley is a very strong man and a solid talent still.. Once he restarts his wheels in motion with Mr Mcgirt on board Audley may be someone Haye won't be completely prepared for.... Haye may be new 190 pound champ tommorrow. And then what!!!! fast jump back to 220+ .. No cashing in on being a new champ at Cruiserweight.. I don't see his angle.. Today i honestly see Audley getting by Haye at a breeze.. 255 lbs strong , always beats 190 lbs weak... Don't forget that.. Its pure physics.. remember only Williams, Guinn and Sprott have railroaded Harrison, they are very good solid big punching big men,, Haye isn't yet.. He was knocked out himself once by a strong small man. "Thompson.." God bless y'all..
Good assesement and the same way it see it.But only Sprott can truly be seen as rail roading Harrison.Vs Guinn and Danny Audley just clammed up and didnt even throw a punch.
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